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About Our Company

We are providing good and best Landscaping services to our valuable customers.

Lush, thick grass is the trademark of a lovely home, but it takes time and effort to achieve healthy, consistent growth. Homeowners and renters place a high value on their lawns, yet they rarely have the time to properly maintain them. That is why we began E&E Landscaping Services. Our mission is to help our customers get the yard they want by providing high-quality labor and a transparent approach to landscaping. Let us Transform your outdoor spaces!

We believe in providing a comprehensive service at E&E Landsacaping and services.

Our excellent team of property professionals can provide care and design services that will leave your lawn looking better than ever, and your neighbors envious. The healthier the grass, the healthier the yard.

Landscaping and Architectural Design

E & E Landscaping Services will design your garden or space with 3D pictorial design to maximizes your space, beautify and increase the value of your property. E & E Landscaping Services believe in offering a comprehensive service. Nobody should need to have multiple companies to take care of their lawn. That’s why we offer services such as:

  • Design; if you have an idea you’ve been unable to pull off, or if you just want a new look – our specialists can create a property that neighbors envy with our 3D designs.
  • Hardscape; patios and walkways are just the beginning of what our team is capable of.
  • Landscaping; from planting new shrubberies to garden installations, our landscaping services can meet the most particular needs.
  • Lawn care; cutting the lawn is something few of us have time for. E & E Landscaping Services, our expert team provides regular scheduled (or one time) cutting, weeding, and upkeep.